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My name is Rafael Grampá. I began working as an illustrator at the age of 14. I began by illustrating self-help books – what I call the “how to raise your problematic teenagers sort”. During this period, I also did t-shirt designs, caricatures, children’s party decorations, coats of arms and logos for butcher shops and surf shops. After that I graduated to working as an illustrator for a kid’s comic publisher where the weirdest thing was that we were required to wear a tie. I went to work with animation in 2003 at the brazilian motion graphics studio LOBO where I was art director and concept designer for four years, working for clients such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Creme Savers, Banco Real, Grendene , Diesel and others. Recent freelance work includes the concept design for ESPN-NBA spots, for Wieden+Kennedy NY, directed by Blacklist’s CISMA, and the visual ID for RESFEST/10 Brasil, that includes a opening and a toy.

Actually I´m working on the feature adaptation of Lourenço Mutarelli´s graphic novel “O Dobro de Cinco” as production designer.

I launched my first solo graphic novel, MESMO DELIVERY, at San Diego Comic Con 2008. Mesmo Delivery is being ditributed in USA by AD House Books.

I did with Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá, Vasilis Lolos and Becky Cloonan the independent comic book “5″, the EISNER AWARDS 2008 winner for best anthology.
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Published Works:
5 (Anthology, Selfpublished, 2007)
Mesmo Delivery (Adhouse Books, USA/2008)


  1. Anne-Shelton Aaron said...

    Hi Rafael, I really love the little I've seen of your work...where can I see more? Do you have a gallery in Europe? New York, or on the west coast, USA? Where do you live?
    an American in Geneva, Switzerland  

  2. ROHO said...

    hey, Rafael's website is on top of the post (Furry Water), he has published a book called Mesmo Delivery (from Adhouse) and has done some short stories and cover for Marvel and DC, I hope this helps.  

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