Black Hole: The Movie

A while ago I found a short movie called Black Hole, based on Chales Burns' homonymous comic. I assumed it was a student film, although the level of casting, acting and special effects was a little too high to be a student film, but I didn't dwell on it too much. Until the last weekend at the MoCCA Festival when I was hanging around the Boston Comics Roundtable with my friend Joel when I look up and there it is Charles Buns, I turned to Joel and asked him if he saw said Short and if I should ask Mr. Burns if he is aware of it. He didn't but after a split moment of my hesitation he was ended on  a very informative chat about the origin of this pretty well crafted piece of film.

Apparently Rupert Sanders was part of a unsolicited bid (with Paramount Pictures) to adapt this property to the big screen, it seems the studio invested a lot of money -as is apparently for the quality of the short- but ultimately there was some creative differences and they did not reach an agreement. Mr Burs was a little baffled on the availability of this short online, because Mr. Sanders does not own the rights to Black Hole and all this characters. After a little sideway conversation about pubic wigs we learned that the rights have expire several times and there is no sign of a real movie being made. So hurry and go enjoy this short film while it's available and explore what could have been, but make sure to read the Black Hole before you do, you don't want your story spoiled do you?

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