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Oh man, eventually the words are going to completely take over my comics and I'll just be writing out essays by hand. And yet, I could have written so much more! Must... stop... and focus on... my actual scheduled work for today...
I drew this last night and tonight, and Linney helped. Cats are such jerks.
Atwood's new book (The Year of the Flood) is a follow-up to Oryx and Crake, which I read when I was eighteen or nineteen, and which made a profound impact. Nelly and I actually read it together while we were traveling by train, and had to read it aloud to one another in order not to fight over who's turn it was with our one copy. It gave me a serious fascination with genetic engineering, especially pertaining to the food and drugs we put in our bodies. I'm really loving The Year of the Flood, but I'm trying to read it as slowly as possible, to draw it out as long as I can (and because it tends to give me very strange dreams, so I try not to read it before bed). A warning; if you plan to pick up either of these books, you will never see scientific-breakthrough product commercials the same way, again.

I'll have a table at the Chicago Holiday Renegade Craft Fair in about three weeks, with my crafty pals, Nelly and Nora. There will be so many comics and bags and neat stuff for sale! And I'm gonna sell little on-the-fly watercolors at the request of visitors-- so it's your chance to have me paint whatever your heart desires! Whee!

Come visit us, please? See you there!
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