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Marada, the She-Wolf is a fantasy comic book fictional character created for Epic Comics by writer Chris Claremont and English artist John Bolton.

Marada's first episode was published in issue 10 of Epic Illustrated in February, 1982. The story was originally planned for Red Sonja, Conan's sometime partner, but had to be changed due to issues surrounding the Red Sonja movie with Brigitte Nielsen. Claremont moved the historical milieu from the Hyborian Era to the Roman Empire, and changed her hair from red to silver. Marada is also more sensual than Red Sonja, perhaps due to Bolton's drawings.

Marada is introduced as "Caesar's daughter", though it is unclear if this refers to Julius Caesar or to a current emperor (bearing the generic title of "Caesar") during the Imperial age. Her adventures are a mix of fantasy and history, told from an adult point of view. Together with her friend, the princess Arianrod, she fights against evil demons, wizards, witches and other fantastic creatures, but also against the threats a woman could expect from a world ruled by males.

In a tip of the hat to New Mutants#32, Marada met a woman named Ashake in the graphic novel, and in a nod to Giant-Size Dracula#2, a demon named Y'Garon.

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